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What do I value most of all?

Relationships, that's what.

Having a true partnership with my clients is the foundation for successful projects. In fact, it's my favorite part of any design project. To achieve this, I operate with 3 core values: Be reliable; Be collaborative; Be human.


Be reliable.

I hear my clients' horror stories all too often about designers or agencies who are uncommunicative, miss deadlines, and, worst of all, simply disappear midway through a project.

At Fourth Story, building a trusting relationship with my clients is paramount. I'll always be transparent, I'll keep you informed, and I'll deliver your project on time and on budget. That's my promise.


Be collaborative.

You work hard at your craft, and no one knows your business or your clients as well as you do. At Fourth Story, I get that. That's why I'll always listen to your ideas, include you in the design process, and overall strive to make sure you're 110% satisfied and excited about your project.


Be human.

I want my clients and partners to have one heck of an amazing experience working with me. I go out of my way to let you know how much you are valued and appreciated.

Design Philosophy: Lead with Strategy

I design for humans.

Unlike lots of other design studios, I don't just make pretty designs. I understand that my clients and partners come to me with the goal of building relationships with their customers, boosting their revenue, and bringing their awesome brands to their communities. 

While I pride myself on providing beautiful, modern design solutions, your company's good looks and charm are only half of the equation. Your brand needs to be working its tail off, day and night, to bring in real customers for your business. That's why every website, identity, and piece of collateral I build is designed with a thoroughly researched, user tested, and carefully constructed strategy that attracts the right people. 

Because a beautiful design with no strategy is as good as a shiny red 1969 Mustang convertible with no engine. And we think that's a cryin' shame.

Who we are

A collaborative studio.

Fourth Story is the studio of  Jeannine Armbruster, an award-winning designer, director, and teacher. The studio operates under what I like to call the Dream Team model. That means I put together the perfect team for my clients by partnering with industry experts who specialize in exactly what my clients need on a project-by-project basis. Sometimes, a project may only need one or two specialists. Other projects might call for a handful of experts in various fields to get the job done right.

Most importantly for my clients, the Dream Team model allows us to be flexible, affordable, and custom build each team to your project's exact needs. That means no huge agency overhead charges, no outrageously long timelines, and you'll always have one reliable, transparent point of contact for your entire project. Huzzah!

Jeannine Armbruster

Designer, Director, Teacher

Howdy! I'm the designer and director behind Fourth Story, and I'll be your primary point of contact throughout your project. Need someone to answer a question, share a concern with, send cat memes to? That's me. It's my job to determine our design direction, oversee the team and production, and make sure your project stays on time and on budget. At your fingertips are all the tools in my tool belt gathered from my decade-plus of experience in the design industry, working with both local and international brands. We're going to be great friends.

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