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International Student Learning

A brand new logo and website design for an education non-profit.

International Student Learning is a nonprofit organization that connects students across the world through shared letters, photos, videos, and fundraising events. So when I heard that my good friend and the organization's founder, Clement Gomes, was looking to get serious about the organization's online presence, I was thrilled to lend a hand by doing a complete redesign of the International Student Learning website.

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The Old Website

ISLearning's website wasn't converting

ISLearning's original website was built using the Wix platform. While the site captured the playful attitude of the students in the organization, it lacked an organized, professional feel and easy navigation. Clement and I realized that rather than tweaking the existing site, ISLearning would benefit so much more from a thoughtful digital strategy and a complete website redesign.

International Student Learning Old Website
International Student Learning Website Design

The Website Redesign

We came to realize that the heart of the organization is in the stories, photos, and letters shared by the students and community. We decided that we wanted to bring this content to the center of the user's experience. To do so, we created a blog with an easy Content Management System so Clement and his team can easily upload blog posts, photos, letters, and videos.

To make sure site visitors can easily find information on specific topics, we created buttons to filter through the blog categories. The result is a friendly, easy-to-use website that is both streamlined for the ISLearning team and delightful for their visitors.


ISLearning's website needed to make donating simple and easy.

The other primary focus of International Student Learning is its fundraising program. ISLearning works to raise funds for Lokhipur Mission High School in Bangladesh for purchasing learning materials, such as computers, books, and school supplies. 

To maximize the fundraising efforts of the organization, we created a fundraising page with a clear conversion strategy. The page needed to be clean and simple, and make pledging a donation a breeze.

International Student Learning Website Design iPad

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